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 Hi experts;

How can i report any change of PPOME.

 Can someone help me?

 Thanks , best regards...

Donnie Freako replied December 20, 2013 at 14:26 PM


In order to track changes to OM objects, you can use report RHCDOC_DISPLAY. However, the prerequisite for this report is change document configuration in table T77CDOC_CUST. In that table, you can specify for which objects, infotypes, subtypes (relationships) need to be tracked.

A word of caution - this audit report goes in to effect only until after the configuration hits production. You won't be able to track anything prior to that. Example: your configuration makes to production on January 1, 2014. So the report will only track changes that are effective >= 1/1/2014.


I believe the report you have mentioned is the employee master data audit report. You cannot use it to track changes to infotype 1001.

Hope this helps.


MIthun k replied December 20, 2013 at 11:17 AM

Hi Abdhullah,

PPOME is just an interface to maintain the organizational structure and the organizational objects related information which will inturn get stored in the infotypes related to O.M module 1000-1999.

So for e.g take a scenario where position USER A was reporting to position USER B but now  the HRADMIN is changing the reporting structure where now USER A is reporting to USER C from today then in-turn it will make an entry in 1001 (A/B 002) infotype .

So the infotype log can be checked through the transaction code S_AHR_61016380 for the changes made to 1001 infotype anytime. Hope this solve your issue.


Mithun k

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